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c.1819, Salzburg Melody,
Cabaret (Musical)
Cables, George
Cabrera, George (Yoyito)
Cabrera, Ryan
Cadbury, Joel
Cadillac Records (Movie)
The Cadillacs
Cadogan, Kevin
Caesar, Irving
Caesar, Shirley
The Caesars
Caetano, Sergio
Cagle, Chris
Cagney, James
Cahn, S
Cahn, S
Cahn, Sammy
Caillat, Colbie
Cain, Jonathan
Caiola, Al
Caird, John
Calabrese, Giorgio
Calame, Bob
Calderon, Juan C.
Calderón, Iván
Caldwell, Bobby
Caldwell, Cedric
Caldwell, Cedric
Caldwell, Gayle
Caldwell, Gloria
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, Nicholas
Caldwell, Robert
Caldwell, Toy
Caldwell, Victor
Caldwell, Victor
Cale, J.J.
Cale, John
Calhoun, Charles
Calhoun, Richard Moon
Calhoun, Will
Calhoun, Willaim
Calhoun, Willaim
Calilli, Bob
Calitri, Dana
Calkin, John Baptiste
Call, Alex
Call, Alexander
Callander, Peter
Callaway, Ann Hampton
Callaway, Thomas
Callaway, Thomas
Callea, Anthony
Callen, Michael
Callender, George
Callender, Peter
The Calling
Callis, Jo
Calloway, Cab
Camarata, Toots
Cameron, Jasper
Cameron, Karl
Camp, Jeremy
Camp, Jeremy and Adie
Camp, Shawn
Camp, Steve
Camp Rock (Movie)
Campbell, A
Campbell, A.
Campbell, E
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, Glen
Campbell, Jane M.
Campbell, Jimmy
Campbell, Joel
Campbell, John
Campbell, Joi
Campbell, Michael
Campbell, Mike
Campbell, Paul
Campbell, R
Campbell, R.
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Trecina "Tina"
Campbell, Vivian Patrick
Campbell, Warryn
Campbell, Warryn
Campbell, William
Campbell And Connelly
Campenhout, Francois van
Campion, Paul
Campos, Elizardo
Canadian Folk Song
Canche, Armando Manzanero
Cancion de Navidad
Canler, Coz
Cann, Warren
Cannel, Bruce
Cannon, Buddy
Cannon, Chuck
Cannon, Freddy
Cannon, Gus
Cannon, Hughie
Cannon's Jug Stompers
Cannon-Goodman, Marla
Cano, Christopher
Cantarelli, Beppe
Cantero, Jamal
Cantiones, Piae
Cantor, Eddie
Cantor, Randy
Cantrall, Alexander
Cantrell, Alex
Cantrell, Blu
Cantrell, Jerry
Capaldi, James
Capaldi, Jim
Capehart, Jerry
Capek, John
The Capitols
Capizzi, Leonard
Capo, Bobby
Capote, Truman
Cappeau, Placide
Cappeau, Placide
Cappeau, Placide
Capps, Roger
The Captain & Tennille
Capua, Eduardo Di
Capurro, Giovanni
Cara, Irene
Carabello, Mike
Caramia, Tony
Carattini, Ernesto Vicente
Carawan, Guy
Card, Michael
Cardenas, Rafael
The Cardigans
Carel, Daniel
Caren, Mike
Carey, Bill
Carey, Daniel
Carey, Mariah
Carey, Mariah featuring Joe & 98 Degrees
Cargill, Henson
Carisi, John
Carla, Gary
Carle, Frankie
Carlebach, Shlomo
Carlisi, Jeff
Carlisle, Belinda
Carlisle, Bob
Carlisle, Kitty
Carlisle, Steve
Carlisle, Von
Carlos, Don
Carlos, Walter
Carlos, Walter & Elkind, Rachel
Carlson, Andreas
Carlson, Joanna
Carlsson, Andreas
Carlsson, Jake
Carlsson, Robin
Carlton, Vanessa
Carlton, Vanessa
Carman, Brian
Carmen, Eric
Carmenates, Omar
Carmichael, Hoagy
Carmichael, Jesse
Carnes, Janis
Carnes, Rick
Carnicer y Battle, Ramon
Carol, Christmas
Carol, Gallery
Carol, Sicilian
Carol, Sussex
Carolina Folk Lullaby
Carols, W. Sandys' Christmas
Carousel (Musical)
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Mary Chapin
Carpenter, Pete
Carpenter, Richard
The Carpenters
Carr, David
Carr, Denny
Carr, Kurt
Carr, Leon
Carr, Leroy
Carr, Michael
Carr, Vicki
Carr, Vikki
Carrabba, Chris
Carrabba, Christopher
Carrack, Paul
Carradine, Keith
Carreras, Jose
Carrigan, Ben
Carrillo, Alvaro
Carroll, George
Carroll, Gregory
Carroll, Harry
Carroll, Jason Michael
Carroll, June
Carruth, Caleb
The Cars
Cars (Movie)
Carson, Daniel
Carson, Jeff
Carson, Jenny Lou
Carson, Johnny
Carson, Kit
Carstarphen, Victor
Carswell, Eddie
Carter, A.P.
Carter, Benny
Carter, Bill
Carter, Brent
Carter, Calvin
Carter, Carlene
Carter, Clarence
Carter, Clarence
Carter, Daniel
Carter, Deana
Carter, Dwayne
Carter, Helen
Carter, James
Carter, Jim
Carter, Lou
Carter, Matt
Carter, Maybelle
Carter, Ronald
Carter, Sara
Carter, Shawn
The Carter Family
Cartey, Ric
Carus, Emma
Carusoe, Scooter
Carver, Johnny
Casale, Gerald
Casey, Al
Casey, Brandon
Casey, Brandon D.
Casey, Brian
Casey, Brian D.
Casey, H.W
Casey, Harry Wayne
Casey, Martyn
Casey, Warren
Cash, Ed
Cash, John R.
Cash, Johnny
Cash, Johnny R.
Cash, June Carter
Cash, Rosanne
Cash, Steve
Casino Royale (Movie)
The Casinos
Cason, Buzz
Cassell, Alphonsus
Cassidy, D & Skelly,J
Cassidy, David
Cassidy, Eva
Cassidy, Patrick
Castelivi, Oliveros y
Castilla, Enrique Bonfante
Castillo, Emilio
Castillo, Joey
Castillo, Randy
Castillo, Ruben Mendez Del
Castillo, Wilfran
Casting Crowns
Castro, Andrés
Casucci, Leonello
Caswall, Edward
Caswell, Edward
Catalino, Curet Alonso
Catch Me If You Can
Cates, Chad
Cates, Jess
The Cathedrals
Cathy Jean & The Roommates
Cats (Musical)
Cauley, Ben
Causon, Richard
Cavaliere, Felix
Cavaliere, Felix
Cavanaugh, Dave
Cavanaugh, James
Cavanaugh, James
Cavanaugh, Jessie
Cave, Nick
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds
Cazden, Norman
Cedar Walton
Cedrón, Luis Pérez
Cell, Soft
Celtic Woman
Cenciarelli, Guido
Cerney, Todd
Cervantes, Hector
Cesareo, Giovanni Alfredo
Cester, Chris
Cester, Nic
Cetera, Peter
Cetera, Peter with Amy Grant
Chabrier, Emmanuel
Chacin, Jorge Luis
Chacksfield, Frank
Chacon, Eddie
Chad & Jeremy
Chadwick, James
Chadwick, Les
Chagnon, Marcel
Cham, Greg
Cham, Ray
Chamber, Coal
Chamberlain, Carson
Chamberlain, David
Chamberlain, Spencer
Chambers, Carl
Chambers, Gordon
Chambers, Guy
Chaminade, Cecile
Champion, Eric
Champion, W & Martin, C
Champion, Will
Champion, Will
Champlin, Bill
The Champs
Chancellor, Justin
Chandler, Gene
Chandler, Karen
Chaney, Chris
Chang, Alan
The Changes
Channel, Bruce
Channing, Carol
Channing, Stockard
Chant De Noel
The Chantays
Chantey, Sea
Chapel, Jean
Chapin, Chad
Chapin, E.H.
Chaplin, Charles
Chaplin, Saul
Chaplin, Tom
Chapman, Amy Grant
Chapman, Anthony
Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Chapman, Caleb
Chapman, Gary
Chapman, Graham
Chapman, Mike
Chapman, Steven Curtis
Chapman, Tracy
Char, Miguel Abdala
Charlap, Morris
Charles, Dick
Charles, Gerard
Charles, Gerard R.
Charles, Hughie
Charles, Jacques
Charles, Jacques
Charles, Les
Charles, Oliver
Charles, Ray
Charles, Von Wayne
Charlesworth, Vernon J.
The Charlie Daniels Band
Charnin, M
Charnin, Martin
Chase, Brian
Chase, Cheryl
Chase, Lincoln
Chase, Newell
Chasez, Joshua
Chater, Kerry
Chatman, Bo
Chatman, Peter
Chattaway, Jay
Chauncey, Daniel
Chauvin, Louis
Chavalier, Maurice
Chavarri, Dave
Chavarria, Mike
Chavez, Erik
Chavis, Boozoo
Chavis, Wilson "Boozoo"
Cheap Trick
Checker, Chubby
The Cheers
The Cheetah Girls
Chenier, C.J.
Chenier, Clifton
Cheri Keaggy
Cherone, Gary
Cherry, Don
Cherry Ghost
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Cherubini, B.
Cherubini, Bruno
Chesney, Kenny
Chesnut, Jerry
Chesnutt, Mark
Chevalier, Maurice
Chiaravalle, Bernie
Chiari, Vincenzo
Chicago (Musical)
Chicken Little (Movie)
Chicory Tip
The Chieftains
The Chiffons
Child, Desmond
Childers, Joshua
Childress, Ross Brian
China Crisis
Chinese Folksong
Chinn, Nicky
Chiplin, Michael
Chiplin, Michael
Chisholm, Melanie
Chisum, John
Chmielinski, Casey
Cho, Paul
Choates, Harry
The Choirboys
Choperena, Wilson
Chopin, Frederic
Chopin, Frederic
Chopin, Frederic
Chopin, Frédéric
Chopin, Fryderyk
The Chordettes
The Chords
Chorus Line (Musical), A
Chris Barber's Jazz Band
Chrisanthou, Steven
Christensen, Tim
Christian, Charlie
Christian, Roger
Christian, Roger
Christie, Lou
Christie, Tony
Christmas Carol
Christopher, Bryn
Christopher, Gretchen
Christopher, Johnny
Christopher, Keith
Christy, June
Christy, Lauren
Christy, Sonny
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The (Movie)
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The (Movie)
The Church
Church, Brandon
Church, Charlotte
Church, Eric
Churchill, Frank
Churchill, Frank
Churko, Kevin
Ciancia, Keith
Ciani, Suzanne
Ciccone, Madonna
Cilento, Wayne
Cimmino, Francesco
Ciorciolini, Marcello
Cirillo, S.
Cissell, Ben
City High
City High featuring Eve
City Of Angels (Musical)
Claire, Phyllis
Clairvaux, Bernard of
Clanton, Jimmy
Clapp, Sunny
Clapton, Eric
Clapton, Eric with Wynonna
Clark, Dave
Clark, Don
Clark, Freddie
Clark, G
Clark, G.
Clark, Gary
Clark, Gene
Clark, Graeme
Clark, Hugh L.
Clark, James
Clark, Les
Clark, N.
Clark, Nigel
Clark, Petula
Clark, Roy
Clark, Rudy
Clark, Ryan
Clark, Sondra
Clark, Stephen
Clark, Steve
Clark, Terri
Clark, Vince
Clark, Wesley
Clark, William H.
Clarke, Allan
Clarke, Barry
Clarke, Grant
Clarke, Hugh
Clarke, Jeremiah
Clarke, Kenny
Clarke, Rupert
Clarke, Vince
Clarke, Vincent
Clarke, Willie James
Clarkson, Kelly
The Clash
The Classics
Classics IV
Claudius, Matthias
Clausen, Alf
Clawson, Rodney
Clay, Tom
Clayderman, Richard
Clayton, Adam
Clayton, Justin
Clayton-Thomas, David
Cleese, John
Clement, Jack
CLement, Michael John
Clementi, Muzio
Clements, Patti
Cleveland, Al
Cleveland, Alfred
Cleveland, Robert
The Click Five
Cliff, J
Cliff, Jimmy
Clifford, Gordon
Clifford, Gordon
Climie, Simon
Cline, Nels
Cline, Patsy
Clint, H.O. Reilly
Clinton Jr., George
Clivelles & Cole
Clivilles, Robert
Cloninger, Claire
Clooney, Rosemary
Clyde McCoy and his Orchestra
Clyne, Roger
The Coasters
Coates, Eric
Cobain, Kurt
Cobb, Ed
Cobb, George L.
Cobb, J.R.
Cobb, Will D.
Cobb Jr., James
Coben, Cy
Coburn, Richard
Cocchini, George
Cochran, Charles
Cochran, Dorcas
Cochran, Eddie
Cochran, Hank
Cochran, Nathan
Cochran, Tammy
Cochran, Tommy
Cochran, Wayne
Cochrane, Tom
Cocker, Jarvis
Cocker, Joe
Cocteau Twins
Cocup, Andrew
Cody, Phil
Coe, David Allen
Coen, Beth
Coffey, Kellie
Coffin, Henry S.
Coffin, Henry S.
Cogan, Alma
Coghill, Annie L.
Cogill, Lecon
Cohan, George
Cohan, George M.
Cohan, George M.
Coheed And Cambria
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Michael
Cohn, Al
Cohn, Irving
Cohn, Mark
Colacrai, Cirino
Colahan, Arthur
Colahan, Dr. Arthur
Colapietro, Vito
Colburn, L.E.
Cold Mountain (Movie)
Cold War Kids
Cole, Allen
Cole, Cozy
Cole, David
Cole, Erick
Cole, Freddy
Cole, G.
Cole, Holly
Cole, Jude
Cole, Keyshia
Cole, Nat 'King'
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Natalie
Cole, Paula
Coleman, Cy
Coleman, Ervan 'Bud'
Coleman, Larry
Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, Phillip
Coler, Nick
Coleridge, Mary E
Coley, Daryl
Coley, John Ford
Colin, Charlie
Colin, Susan
Collapsed Lung
Collazo, Bobby
Collective Soult
Collen, Phil
Collier, Harry
Collingwood, Chris
Collins, Alan
Collins, Albert
Collins, Allen
Collins, Charles
Collins, Gail
Collins, Jim
Collins, Judy
Collins, Larry
Collins, Phil
Collins, Philip
Collins, Tarik
Collins, Todd
Collins, William
Collins, William "Bootsy"
Collinson, H
Collinson, H.
Collisson, Houston
Colnot, Cliff
Colon, Willie
Color Me Badd
Color Purple, The (Musical)
Colter, Jessi
Colton, Tony
Coltrane, John
Colucci, Jill
Columbo, Russ
Colvin, Shawn
Combes, Kendall
Combs, Benjamin
Combs, Joel
Combs, Sean
Comden, Betty
Comeau, Charles-Andre
Comer, John Mark
Comm., Harlem
Commander Cody
Commerford, Tim
Commerford, Timothy
The Commitmentst
The Commodores
Como, Perry
Company (Musical)
Comstock, Bobby
Concrete Blondet
Condiotti, Jay
Condon, Eddie
Confessions Of A Dangerous Min
Congreve, William
Coniff, Ray Singers
Conjunto Primavera
Conkey, Ithamar
Conlee, John
Conley, Earl Thomas
Conley, Larry
Conley, Lloyd
Conlon, S.
Conneff, K
Connell, Mike
The Connells
Connelly, Red
Connelly, Reg
Connick Jr., Harry
Conniff, Ray
Connolly, Nathan
Connor, Chris
Connor, Tommie
Connors, Carol
Conrad, Con
Conroy, Michael Francis
Conte, Micheline
Conti, Bill
The Contours
Converse, Charles C.
Conway, Chrissy
Conway, Gillian
Conway, John
Conway, Monica
Cooder, Ry
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Ben
Cook, Cheryl Lorraine
Cook, Clay
Cook, Don
Cook, Jeffrey
Cook, Kyle
Cook, Norman
Cook, Pablo
Cook, Roger
Cook, Steve
Cook, Vikki
Cook, William
Cooke, Sam
Cookie & The Cupcakes
The Cookie Monster
Cooley, Donnell
Cooley, Eddie
Cooley, Lindell
Cooley, Spade
Coolidge, Rita
Coombes, Gareth
Cooney, Leah
Cooper, Asley
Cooper, Brenda
Cooper, Erik
Cooper, George
Cooper, Jason
Cooper, Jim
Cooper, Martin
Cooper, W.G.
Cooper, Wyn
The Cooper Temple Clause
Coots, J. Fred
Copacabana (Musical)
Cope, La Forrest "La La"
Copeland, Ian
Copeland, Les C.
Copeland, Stewart
Copland, Aaron
Copley, Evan
Coquatrix, Bruno
Corbett-Wood, Sondra
Corbetta, Jerry
Corbin, Bob
Cordell, Ritchie
Cordova, Pedro Flores
Cordray, Kenny
Corea, Chick
Corelli, Arcangelo
Corgan, Billy
Corigliano, John
Cornell, Chris
Cornell, Don
Cornell, W.D.
Corner, C
Corner, D.G.
Cornwell, Hugh
Corr, Andrea
Corr, Caroline
Corr, James
Corr, Jim
Corr, Sharon
Corrales, Fabian
Corrigan, Brad
Corrosion Of Conformity
The Corrs
Corso, Terence
Cory, George
Cosby, Henry
Cosgrove, Mike
Coslow, Sam
Cosma, Vladimir
Costa, Antony
Costa, David
Costa, Mary
Costello, Elvis
Costello, Elvis & Allen Toussaint
Costello, Elvis & Burt Bacharach
Cotten, Elizabeth
Cotterill, V.1,2,4 Thomas
Cottrau, Teodoro
Cottrell, Travis
Coulter, Phil
Countdown Singers
Counting Crows
Cour, Pierre
Courage, Alexander
The Courteeners
Courtney, David
Coutts, Duncan
Covay, Don
Coverdale, David
Coverdale, David
Cowan, James A.
Cowan, Marie
Coward, Noel
Cowboy Junkies
Cowboy Song
Cox, Bryan Michael
Cox, Deborah
Cox, Jimmie
Cox, Mike
Cox, Peter
Coxon, Graham
Coyne, Wayne
Cozier, Jimmy
Crabb, Aaron
Crabb, Gerald
Crabb, Jason
The Crabb Family
Craddock, Steve
Cradock, Steve
Crahan, M. Shawn
Crahan, M. Shawn
Crahan, Michael
Craig, Charlie
Craig, Danny
Craig, Donald
Craig, Jesse
Craig, Marvin
Craig, Michael
Craig, Shawn
Crain, Jr., John Thomas
Cramer, Floyd
The Cranberriest
The Cranberries
Crandall, Bill
Crane, Jimmie
Crash Test Dummies
Crawford, Blackie
Crawford, David
Crawford, Michael
Crawford, Randy
Crawley, Brian
Cray, Robert
Creamer, Henry
Creatore, Luigi
Creed, Linda
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cregan, Jim
Crespo, Elvis
The Crests
The Crew-Cuts
Crewe, Bob
Crewe, Robert
Cribbins, Bernard
Crichlow, H.
The Crickets
Crisler, Brad
Criss, Peter
Criswell, Monty
Croce, Jim
Crocker, Emily
Croft, David
Crofts, Darrell
Crofts, Dash
Croly, George
Cronin, Kevin
Croo, Robert
Crook, Max
Cropper, Jason
Cropper, Steve
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Bob
Crosby, David
Crosby, Fanny J.
Crosby, Fanny J.
Crosby, Paul
Crosby, Rob
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Cross, Christopher
Cross, Douglas
Cross, Douglass
The Cross Movement
Crossan, Jeff
Crosse, Clay
Crossley, Adam
Crouch, Andrae
Crouch, Sandra
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow, Sheryl
Crowded House
Crowder, David
Crowell, Rodney
Crudup, Arthur
Crump, Bruce Hull
The Crusaders
Cruse-Ratcliff, Cindy
Crutcher, Bettye
Crutcher, Bettye Jean
Cruz, Celia
Cruz, Taio
Crystal, Billy
Crystal, Billy and John Goodman
Cuadrado, Egidio
Cuban Folksong
Cuccurullo, Warren
Cuesta-Loeb, Carmen
Cullum, Ben
Cullum, Jamie
Culos, Chris
Culpepper, James
The Cult
Culture Club
Cummings, Burton
Cummings, Dennis
Cummings, Douglas
cummings, e.e.
Cummings, William H.
Cumplido, Wadis Carrasco
Cunnah, Peter
Cunningham, Carl
Cunningham, Grant
Cunningham, T
Cunningham, T
Cunningham, T.
Cunningham, Tom
Cuomo, Bill
Cuomo, Douglas
Cuomo, Rivers
The Cure
Curiel, Marcos
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The (Movie)
Curious George (Movie)
Curnin, Cy
Curnow, James
Currie, Alannah
Currie, Billy
Currie, Justin
Currington, Billy
Curtis, Dave
Curtis, Eddie
Curtis, Gregory
Curtis, Gregory G.
Curtis, Loyal
Curtis, Mann
Curtis, Michael
Curtis, Richard
Curtis, Sonny
Cutler, Scott
Cutting Crew
Cyka, Kevan
Cymbal, Johnny
Cypress Hill
The Cyrkle
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Cyrus, Destiny Hope
Cyrus, Miley
Cyrus, Miley Ray
Czechoslovakian Carol

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